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The Expansive Utility of Flosa Large Format Porcelain Slabs

Large format porcelain slabs are a cornerstone in the fabric of contemporary, commercial, and upscale residential design. Flosa invites you to discover why these slabs have captivated the favour of customers worldwide.

The integration of large format porcelain slabs into modern architectural design has revolutionised the building and design sectors. As the demand for these slabs continues to soar, their prominence in the marketplace is evident, with extra-large formats becoming particularly prevalent. These slabs are increasingly sought after by designers for their capacity to infuse spaces with innovation, imagination, and transformative visual effects while also enhancing the structural integrity, spatial ambiance, comfort, and opulence of any setting.

Flosa stands at the forefront of this industry shift, boasting the most comprehensive array of sizes, thicknesses, styles, finishes, and patterns available. Our portfolio caters to an eclectic mix of design requirements and preferences, from the conventional to the most unexpected applications. Flosa is committed to sparking creativity and providing a rich source of inspiration for the imaginative use and design of our products.

Usage Recommendations

  1. Employ full slab dimensions to minimise waste and economise costs.

  2. Opt for expansive slab dimensions to reduce seams, enhancing the cleanliness and sleekness of the installation.

  3. Utilise slabs with continuous veining to bolster the unity and visual flow of spaces.

  4. Implement an overarching design vision that considers different zones, fostering a cohesive relationship and seamless transition between spaces.

Areas of Application


After a busy day, unwind in a bathroom transformed by our slabs. With continuous patterns and rich designs, our slabs add comfort and beauty to your space, crafted for relaxation. Some nature stone & wood pattern can bring you to the daily nature life. Flosa's large format porcelain slabs elevate this experience, offering a seamless, tranquil sanctuary. These slabs are not just luxurious but also practical, boasting water and stain resistance, reducing the stress of cleaning. It's a harmonious blend of aesthetic refinement, durability, and easy maintenance, creating a bathroom that's not just a room, but a haven of serene retreat.


Flosa's large format porcelain slabs bring a new dimension of elegance and resilience to kitchen design. Perfectly suited for kitchen island, splashback, cabinet door, surface top, and benchtop, these slabs provide a versatile solution for a modern, cohesive kitchen environment. Their overall appeal lies in the blend of aesthetic beauty and practical durability, seamlessly fitting into various kitchen applications.

Living Rooms

In living rooms, Flosa's large format porcelain slabs offer a versatile and elegant solution, enhancing the space with their sleek and durable design. These slabs are ideal for creating sophisticated focal points, from feature walls to fireplace surrounds, seamlessly blending with the living room's aesthetic and elevating the overall ambiance.


For bedroom spaces, Flosa's large format porcelain slabs are ideal for creating calming and modernistic backdrops. They enhance the room's ambiance, transforming it into a sophisticated and comfortable personal haven. These slabs add a contemporary flair, making the bedroom a stylish and inviting space.


For fireplace designs, Flosa's porcelain slabs are a top choice due to their heat-resistant qualities. These slabs feature a seamless pattern that extends to the edges, creating a cohesive and uninterrupted appearance. This aspect significantly boosts the visual appeal of any fireplace area. The blend of practicality and aesthetic enhancement makes these slabs ideal for crafting a striking and functional centrepiece in living spaces.


For wall applications, Flosa's large format porcelain slabs are designed to create a luxurious, art-like feel. Their seamless patterns make the space appear larger and more unified. The use of a single, expansive slab contributes to this effect, transforming walls into stunning focal points. This approach not only elevates the aesthetic of the space but also adds a touch of luxury, making the walls themselves a piece of art.


For flooring solutions, Flosa's large format porcelain slabs offer an exceptional blend of aesthetic appeal and practicality. Their continuous, seamless pattern creates an illusion of an expansive, open area, adding a sense of grandeur to any space. Unlike wall applications, flooring with these slabs brings an artistic touch underfoot, redefining luxury in a way that's both visually striking and functional. This choice in flooring ensures a unique and opulent atmosphere, transforming floors into a key element of the room’s design.


For cabinetry, Flosa's large format porcelain slabs introduce a revolutionary design change, emphasising seamless patterns with a marble-like or single colour appearance, infusing a touch of nature for a luxurious finish. These slabs not only lend a sleek, cohesive look to cabinetry but also offer practical benefits like ease of cleaning. The integration of these slabs into cabinetry designs signifies a step towards modern, upscale interiors, where functionality meets high-end aesthetic appeal.

Commercial Spaces

In commercial spaces, Flosa's products are the key to creating distinctive and standout projects. Our luxurious large format porcelain slabs elevate any project, taking it to the next level with a unique, elegant touch. They not only enhance the visual appeal but also offer longevity and easy maintenance, crucial for high-traffic commercial environments. This combination of durability and aesthetic excellence ensures that commercial spaces not only look exceptional but are also practical for long-term use.


Our large format porcelain slabs are highly customisable, perfect for crafting modern vanities. They offer a seamless pattern that can be harmoniously matched with wall designs and other interior elements. These slabs are not only stain and water-resistant but also ensure easy maintenance. This combination of adaptability and practicality enhances any vanity, contributing to a lasting sense of luxury and elegance in your space.

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